Volunteer Overseas Projects in Asia.

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Volunteers from all walks of life

We welcome all volunteers regardless of age or background. Everyone has something to contribute, and we'll find the right project for you!

Discover new ways to teach

We believe in learning by doing. Our volunteers find ways of getting children away from their desks and teach English in practical situations.

Truly rewarding experiences

Joining our free language and cross-culture training for volunteers - led by local trainees - allows you to make a highly valuable contribution to local projects.

Help us promote sustainability

Volunteers' skills and experience are greatly valued by the conservation projects we support, including pioneering ecotourism schemes.

Make your money count

We charge very low volunteer fees and a lack of admin costs means all our resources go directly to the projects we support.

Volunteer Work Overseas for Australian Volunteers in Asia.

Over 70 projects in SE Asia wait for you!

Looking to volunteer in Asia, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Nepal?
Openmind Projects is not an  international and commercial volunteer  agency!
So as a non profit NGO in Asia you can volunteer for much lower fees with us,

Together we will find your project in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand or Nepal when you apply.
Or just send us a brief resume about your special skills and special volunteers interests!

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Australian Volunteer Overseas Inspiration



What Volunteers Have Said
volunteer experiences

   The Little Big Project Thailand
The Little Big Project


A Typical Day Volunteering in NongKhai
Ram's volunteer story

When volunteering in NongKhai, you can choose to stay at the OpenMind house for free, or rent your own place. Since I was volunteering for a while, I stayed with OpenMind for the first couple of months and then got my own place.

7am: Breakfast, my favourite, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes with some proper English Tea...

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image of Thai monks said why volunteer with Openmind Projects
  • An Asia NGO with local expertise in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Nepal. We help Australian volunteers to real success!
  • Lower volunteer fees for Australian volunteers overseas! No money on expensive overseas administration and promotion. So we can offer very low volunteer fees.
  • More than 70 volunteer overseas projects to choose from, in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Nepal with flexible volunteering dates. Volunteer in several projects and countries if you wish!
  • Volunteer Training and support! Our well known and intensive 3-day training ensures a successful experience for you and your host project!

How to join us an Australian volunteer?

We make the most of the skills you offer. Check our volunteer in Asia projects and then Apply here. We will match your skills and wishes with the needs of projects and suggest suitable choices for you.

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