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Volunteer abroad in South Thailand


International volunteers are welcome to charming towns like Krabi, villages, islands, schools by the sea, eco projects, health care projects, kindergarten, and nurseries in South Thailand.

What Openmind Projects does in Thailand

We support poor villages and schools and invite overseas volunteers to teach, volunteer  there. We support marine and other national parks, community based eco tourism, helping local and poor people to earn an extra income while protecting nature. We also support child and health care projects.


Why pay $60-90, the rates major European and US volunteer organizations charge? You only need pay $22 per day with Openmind Projects in Thailand for a two month placement? We offer affordable and value for the money volunteer overseas fees that don't empty your pockets! And they include three extra days of extremely useful cross cultural volunteer training before you start.
You have two volunteering overseas options: Volunteer with Support or Independent Volunteer.

What you can do as an Australian volunteer in South Thailand

Thailand Temple School

Wat Keaw Kro Wararam Secondary Temple School


South Thailand Schools

Ao Nang School and Tsunami Learning Center
Aoyama 2 School and Primary School
Ban Chongplee Village Primary School
Ban Don Paeng Primary School
Ban Klong Hang Pre-, Primary, and Secondary School
Ban Koh Klang Nursery and Primary School
Ban Nanok Primary School
Ban Nong Kok Village Primary School
Ban Nongkungsri Phosrisomporn Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary School
Ban Tha Dindaeng Nursery and Primary School
Koh Sireh Nursery, Primary, and Secondary School
Rajaprachanukor School and Tsunami Orphan School
Saithongwithaya School
School Holiday Camps
Si Muang Wittayakan School
The combined Koh Lanta Island Eco, Village, and School Project

Thailand Eco projects

A Marine National Park Operations Center on Phuket Island
Phuket Marine Research Center
Home Stay and Handicraft Village Project near Ao Nang Beach
Khao Lak National Park
Khao Phanom Bencha National Park
Organic Farm near Ao Nang
Phang Nga Eco Project
Similan Islands Eco Project
Sirinath National Park
Thai Muang Marine Wildlife Conservation Center
The combined Koh Lanta Island Eco, Village and School Project


Health Care

Chong Plee Community Hospital in Thailand
Krabi Hospital
in Thailand

We support other projects too.  Apply for free for more information

Why we support these projects in South Thailand

We support these projects because they want our help, and need more and better educational resources to facilitate learning by the children. The local eco tourism projects need educational and promotional support as well as help to attract and take care of eco tourists thereby generating extra income that stays in the villages rather than leaving with the outside tour operators. Child and health care projects have inadequate resources and welcome qualified volunteers.

Where projects are located in Thailand

The projects and volunteer placements in SouthThailand are located in the Krabi Pang Nga, Phuket and Satun provinces.   

If you Apply to volunteer you will get more information on our organization and projects. Then we will match your background with the requirements of the projects and suggest some for you to consider.

How we support projects in Thailand

On the basic level Openmind Projects provides human resources—the volunteers—who come with their own diverse skills to supplement the few resources often available to the project. We match volunteer skills with appropriate projects so that their skills can be most effective. We develop learning tools—English and IT—for Thai education projects and schools, orphan homes, and other projects. We design and maintain websites and promotional materials for community based and village eco tourist projects. We help projects in Thailand find volunteers by recruiting and training overseas volunteers whom we furnish with information and educational materials to use in projects.

How you and other volunteers can help us support projects in South Thailand

Depending on your skills, as a volunteer you may teach basic English and computer skills, help develop learning tools, and/or design websites and promotional material for eco projects. Some eco volunteers help make wildlife surveys, design treks and tours, go diving, and check the status of coral reefs. You bring enthusiasm, energy, and new perspectives that help us further develop the services we offer to projects.

How we recruit and prepare volunteers for Thailand

Our only ways to reach volunteers are via the internet and by word of mouth. We do not have the resources to advertise or run promotional and informational meetings in the countries where volunteers come from.

We offer an online Pre Departure Handbook with volunteer, work, and cultural and language information. We arrange a very popular monthly 3 day Volunteer Training in Thailand for all volunteers in Southeast Asia. We provide in-country support from our local staff during your time at your project.

When you can volunteer in South Thailand?

You can join any of our monthly 3 day Volunteer Trainings and then go to your volunteer placement.
See dates
If dates do not suit you, we can discuss other arrival dates depending on projects and your background

Your volunteer in Thailand options and fees

You have the flexibility to volunteer either as a Supported or as an Independent Volunteer

Why many projects in Thailand?

Some ten years ago we set up pilot projects in northeastern Thailand (Isan) to test and learn how to help poor and isolated children to learn to use computers, and to use computers as a learning tool when other resources are scarce. Isan, which is one third of the area and contains one third of the population of Thailand, is the poorest area of Thailand and thus in great need of resources to supplement those currently accessible. For more information on our original IT in Isan project see its website.

Information and communication technology is constantly improving and becoming more affordable day by day and therefore can become one of the best educational resources for poor children.

Our ambition was to find a way to help an increasing number of children to better learning opportunities. Now we support projects in four countries and are always looking for opportunities to support more projects and in more countries based on similar thinking.

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Volunteer abroad in South Thailand


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